E3 Spark Plugs Digs Crazy, Pushup Performing Olympics Bus

Sculptor David Cerny attached a set of giant robotic arms to a 1957 double decker bus to celebrate the London Olympics.

Like the rest of the world, we here at E3 Spark Plugs had a blast watching coverage of the London Olympics and cheering for the athletes representing the U.S.A. But we have to admit, we still keep going back to pics of one crazy Olympic promotional ride – Czech artist David Cerny’s pushup performing double-decker bus dubbed “London Booster.”

For many, the image of a bright red double-decker is as synonymous with thoughts of London as the sight of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or the London Bridge. But we’ve never seen a bus like this one. To celebrate the 2012 Olympics, going on in London through August 12, Cerny attached a set of giant, bright red robotic arms to a full-size, 1957 double-decker bus. The bus is outfitted with an engine-powered hydraulics system that allows the London Booster to actually perform pushups, lifting the bus’ front end 45 degrees and emitting recorded groaning noises.

“There is one common exercise for every sportsman in the world, and that is push-ups,” Cerny recently told reporters.

This isn’t Cerny’s first public art attempt involving a large vehicle. In 1991, the oft controversial artist gained notoriety by painting a Soviet tank, part of a World War II memorial in Prague, pink and erecting a huge finger making an obscene gesture on the tank’s turret. He was briefly arrested for “hooliganism.”

Thankfully, the London Booster is simply a celebration of athletics and the Olympic spirit, rather than a contentious political statement. And turned lots of heads outside the Czech Olympic headquarters in north London.

So, E3 Spark Plugs wants to know – If you could make a double-decker bus do something crazy, what would it be? Post your thoughts on our Facebook fan page.