Catching Up with Team E3 Racing Winner Dan Bunting

Competitive powerboat racer Dan Bunting (center) takes his sophomore turn with Team E3 Racing.

Dan Bunting returns for his second stint as a Team E3 Racing Tier 1 winner. And this time, he’s got two new rides and a world record to his name.

Bunting is a longtime competitive racer and owner of Extreme Powerboat Racing, a professional driving school that also offers marketing, design and promotional items plus safety and performance products geared toward the sport. Last year, he and his team made history by establishing the 1/4 mile straightaway speed record in their class at the American Power Boat Association (APBA) Records Run in New Martinsville, West Virginia. – a feat powered by E3 Spark Plugs.

The Extreme Powerboat Racing team, along with Flex Seal, finished the 2012 season first in the APBA points for their region, and sixth in the APR SuperLeague points. The team also landed the SuperLeague’s “Most Improved Driver” award and appeared in a nationwide FlexSeal commercial donning E3 Spark Plugs Racing Team shirts.

This year, Bunting has added two new powerboats to his racing fleet, one of which will become the E3 Spark Plugs Powerboat. And he intends to spread the word, sharing sponsored plugs with friends and competitors.

Meanwhile, the Formula 3 Points champ and founder of a second team, Tunnel Vision Racing, continues his career in law enforcement. A police officer since 1993, he has served as a deputy sheriff in Ohio and Colorado and has held the ranks of patrolman, lieutenant and chief of police, ergo the number and name of his previous boat, “Five-O.”

E3 Spark Plugs congratulates Bunting and his team for their second-year Team E3 Racing win. Welcome back!

Check out the Extreme Powerboat Racing team, donning their Team E3 Spark Plugs garb, in this FlexSeal infomercial…