E3 Spark Plugs Involved in Tightening EPA Emissions Standards

E3 Spark Plugs with DiamondFIRE Technology is proud to announce that it is the only spark plug available today that is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a supplemental emissions technology device.  This is due to the recent EPA testing, in which E3 was involved, that pushed the government to tighten emissions standards for new gasoline-powered lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and boat engines, requiring those engines to reduce the amount of smog-causing pollution they are allowed to emit.

Due to E3’s reputation in the lawn and garden market for improving power and reducing emissions, they were among a small group of product manufacturers selected to take part in the EPA testing.  It’s E3’s unique forged ground electrode that ensures the fastest, most complete burn of the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder resulting in a 3-13% increase in fuel economy, up to 58% reduction in CO and hydrocarbon emissions, and a 6-12% improvement in horsepower, depending on engine class, when utilized under typical operations.

“EPA’s new small engine standards will allow Americans to cut air pollution as well as grass,” EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson said in a statement. “These standards help fight smog in our neighborhoods and waterways as we continue to improve the environmental landscape.”

The new EPA regulations will take effect in 2010 and 2011.  Once fully implemented, all of the new standards together will eliminate emissions totaling 600,000 tons of hydrocarbons, 130,000 tons of nitrogen oxide and 1.5 million tons of carbon monoxide annually.  Hydrocarbons and nitrogen-oxide are well known for contributing to ground-level ozone deterioration, or smog, which can cause respiratory illness and even death.  Ground-level ozone also contributes to global warming, ranking as the third-biggest greenhouse gas generated by human activity.

Studies show that one riding lawn mower emits as much pollution in an hour as 34 cars.  Environmentalists have also noted that the move would help protect the environment and promote energy efficiency.  Because spark-ignition engines release as much as 25 percent of their gas unburned in their exhaust, the EPA also estimates that the regulations, when fully implemented, will lead to a more efficient combustion process that will save about 190 million gallons of gasoline each year.

“We were proud to participate in the EPA testing and we know that our product is helping to lead the charge in the fight for cleaner air,” said E3 Spark Plugs President Todd Arey.  “At E3, our goal is to continuously strive to achieve better engine efficiency, which leads to less waste and more fuel savings.  We are happy with our products current results but we will never quite striving for even better.”

The new EPA regulations, which were originally scheduled to come out by the end of 2005, apply to lawn and garden equipment of 25 horsepower or less, as well as to golf carts and all gas-powered personal watercraft and inboard and outboard boat engines.

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