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Are you looking for a quality replacement spark plug for your truck? E3 DiamondFIRE spark plugs with our advanced patented design burn fuel more efficiently for increased performance and economy in virtually all truck engines. Whether you drive a truck for personal transportation, business reasons or just for fun, E3 performance truck spark plugs won't let you down. Our Edge-to-Edge ground electrode produces a faster flame front for a cleaner burn in both new and aging engines.

By getting the flame process started quickly, our unique design burns the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber more thoroughly before the exhaust event occurs. Although results may vary depending upon the engine piston displacement and general operating conditions, E3 truck and SUV spark plugs have been proven to provide maximum performance. You can shop for our replacement plugs online at any authorized E3 vendor or click on "Where to Buy" in the Catalog section of this website.

E3 fuel-efficient truck and SUV spark plugs are engineered to maximize peak cylinder pressures created by the surface area of our patented DiamondFIRE ground electrode. Our revolutionary design delivers a more complete and cleaner burn for increased combustion efficiency, improved power response, better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. E3's open electrode allows the flame kernel to travel more directly toward the remaining fuel mixture rather than moving at an angle.

Independent lab tests have proven that two sharp edges firing at each other can potentially increase the volume of the plug's flame kernel when compared to an edge-to-flat electrode design. In addition, our truck spark plugs allow for a reduction in ignition delay for an improved electrical-to-chemical energy transfer thereby delivering maximum spark to the combustion area before un-burned fuel is vented off during the exhaust event. The result can mean an improved response with fewer toxic emissions. These plugs are a great option for your truck or SUV.