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Snowmobile Spark Plugs

E3 snowmobile spark plugs are "Born to Burn." Our patented high-performance electrode is engineered to provide you with the latest technology for increased power and optimum fuel efficiency. Whether you're riding powder-covered slopes or nailing a back flip in competition, E3 plugs produce a faster flame front for a more thorough burn. If you're serious about your ride, check out our Cross Reference Spark Plug Guide for your favorite sled including Yamaha, Polaris, Ski Doo and Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

In today's economy, many power sports enthusiasts are holding onto their discretionary dollars and not buying a new snowmobile every year. That's where E3 can help. Our improved spark technology can raise the pressure in your used engine's combustion chamber for a more solid throttle response. Nothing is more frustrating than a sluggish motor when you point your sled uphill. Our patented Edge-to-Edge DiamondFIRE ground electrode produces a stronger flame kernel to burn more of the air-fuel mixture before it is vented off.

During a spark plug performance analysis, independent researchers measured a reduction in carbon monoxide emissions and hydrocarbon emissions by the long term use of E3 spark plugs when compared to several popular conventional plugs. Our DiamondFIRE electrode helps to develop a larger flame kernel toward the piston for a faster cylinder pressure rise during the power stroke. This helps your snowmobile spark plugs stay fresher longer, which means fewer used plugs end up at the local landfill.

Power sports, like snowmobiling, attracts thousands of seasonal weekend warriors to the great outdoors. If you are one of the millions of concerned Americans, you can help protect your environment.. just think globally and act locally. E3 small engine spark plugs are the only spark plug to be included in rulings by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency considered a "supplemental emissions control device." That's a fancy way of saying our spark plugs burn cleaner while improving your engine's power and fuel efficiency.