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E3.420 - Marine Lithium Battery

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The LIGHTEST, MOST POWERFUL & MOST SHOCK RESISTANT marine battery available today!


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E3 Lithium Marine is the smallest, lightest, most powerful and most shock resistant battery available today. Featuring a waterproof carbon fiber case, E3 Lithium Marine batteries have been torture tested in the extreme conditions of offshore powerboat racing.

E3 Lithium Marine Batteries can fire 1500+ horsepower race motors in a package half as big and nearly one tenth of the weight of traditional marine batteries. The batteries exceedingly light weight, just 8.9 lbs, can improve fuel consumption and top end speed. For example, a typical offshore powerboat that runs three Group 31 sized batteries can reduce its dry weight by over 150 pounds simply by switching to E3! That's a whole person!

Boasting a whopping 1600 Cranking Amps, the battery offers 32 Amp Hours of capacity. Its unique fault light indicator, which can be hardwired into a helm mounted warning light, allows you to keep tabs on the performance of your battery. Some of the performance benefits include:

  • 80% Lighter than traditional batteries
  • 3x Longer life than traditional batteries
  • Shock Resistance: rated to withstand 20 Gs  
  • Charges faster than traditional batteries
  • Delivers much quicker starts than traditional batteries
  • IP 68 Environmental Rating (waterproof)
  • Remote mounted fault light indicator
  • Carbon Fiber case
  • Centered terminals allow mounting in any position
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 5 Year Warranty (see warranty page for details)

This battery offers a built-in Double Redundant Battery Management System. This system offers the following attributes to ensure years of trouble-free power delivery from your E3 Lithium Marine Battery.

  • Over-Charge Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection (up to 1,000 amps)
  • Excessive Cranking Protection
  • Built In Cell Balancing Technology

Brass terminals adapters are included.

NOTE: A lithium compatible battery charger is required in order to properly and safely charge your E3 Lithium Marine Battery. We recommend OptiMate Lithium Chargers which you can purchase buy cliking the following link:

Click HERE to buy the OptiMATE Lithium Charger

All E3 Lithium Batteries are designed, engineered and manufactured right here in the USA using imported lithium cells.


Voltage: 13.2V

Pulse Crank Amps (PCA): 1600A (3 sec @ 25 °C, voltage >9V)

Cold Crank Amps (CCA): 760A (modified SAE test, 3 sec@ 0°F, volts >7.2V)

Capacity: 32 Amp Hour (Ah)

Weight: 8.9 lb. (4Kg)

Dimensions: 6.5”(L) x 5.1”(W) x 6.6”(H) 166mm(L) x 129mm(W) x 168mm(H)

Capacity vs Temperature: 25 °C = 100% 0°C = 94% -30°C = 88%

Self-Discharge Rate: < 2% per month @ 25 °C

Continuous Discharge Amps: 200A

Standard Charge Voltage: 13.9 - 14.6 V

Maximum Charge Voltage: 15V

Recommended Charge Amps: 5 - 30A

Max Charge Amps: 160A (from vehicle charging system)

Life (Charge cycles, 80% depth of discharge): 4000 cycles @ 1C discharge, 25°C & 2000 cycles @10C discharge , 25°C

Life (Years): Up to 8 Years

Repetitive G-force Resistance Rating: 6 Gs

Shock G-force Resistance Rating: 20 Gs

Environmental Rating: IP 68 (waterproof)

Operating Temperature: -30 °C to +60 °C

Storage Temperature: -40 °C to +70 °C

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