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Powersports are a generalized category of vehicles that are used on the land and in the water. Over the past twenty years, this subset of recreational vehicles has exploded in popularity meeting a broad range of requirements from a weekend warrior's thrill-seeking ride to a highly-versatile utility vehicle that's a proven workhorse. Today, powersports are more popular than ever imagined and the overall classification includes a plethora of fun vehicles, such as motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, Jet skis, off-road utility vehicles and personal water craft.

Even with such a variety of applications, there are several common features that are unique to the powersports group: riders and/or their passengers are exposed to the elements; the vehicle is powered by a motor and where there's a motor you need spark; and steering and other controls are performed using handlebars. A well-tuned machine typically provides acceleration which exceeds that of most every day vehicles and the quick steering accomplished with handlebars is impacted by feel through subtle shifts in operator's weight, all of which just adds to the fun.

Two decades ago when the inaugural X-Games aired on ESPN, spectators watched in awe of the thrills and chills provided by a very select group of daredevils. Now the whole family is getting in on the action and enjoying the fun. Whether it is in a pit area at a National Event or just an out-of-the-way parking area, you can bet that E3 Spark Plugs will be there too. Developed in conjunction with and validated by researchers from leading engineering universities, E3's patented DiamondFIRE technology provides maximum performance with increased efficiency.

From coast to coast wherever enthusiasts drive, ride or motor, E3 is there. For the novice or the expert, our Edge-to-Edge design and more thorough combustion of unburned fuel helps to eliminate the dreaded throttle bog. Our unique electrode produces a faster flame kernel and never gets in the way as the spark travels toward the combustion area of your motor. This results in a more complete burn for smooth reliable power and a reduction in the emissions of raw gases into the environment. A cleaner burn means a reduction of carbon build-up on critical components inside your engine and over time that can save you money on costly engine repairs. Find out for yourself why E3 powersport spark plugs were "Born to Burn."