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Performance Spark Plugs

E3 plugs are engineered to maximize peak pressures created by the surface area of our patented DiamondFire ground electrode. After conducting the initial research and testing at our lab in Atlanta, engineers put numerous electrode designs through an intensive series of lab experiments that measured the amount of power created by the pressure rise from a single combustion event. By keeping other parameters the same, researchers were able to accurately compare the combustion cycle values (Indicated Mean Effective Pressure) for the most popular electrode styles.

Several competitive plug designs, including premium offerings from major manufacturers, have electrodes that actually block portions of the flame kernel as the spark attempts to ignite the air-fuel mixture. Since the most complete combustion occurs when the maximum amount of spark reaches the mixture, our plugs are open at the end. This open design helps our flame kernel to travel more directly toward the fuel mixture instead of moving at an angle, or sideways. After years of testing, we determined an edge-to-edge spark could significantly improve the efficiency of the burn.

E3's DiamondFire design forces the electrons to form the plasma channel faster and stronger. This reduces ignition delay for an improved electrical-to-chemical energy transfer that provides a faster flame kernel for more complete combustion, better power, and higher fuel efficiency. The best spark plugs deliver the maximum spark to the piston head before fuel is vented off by the exhaust valves. Studies suggest that for optimum tuning, an E3 spark plug can even allow an engine builder to use a slightly earlier exhaust valve closing, if they choose. Visit our Tech Support Center for FAQs and our latest videos.

Now is the time for you to try high performance plugs for your car, SUV, minivan, truck or motorcycle. Ask the service manager at your car dealership about installing E3 plugs in your vehicle today. If you prefer to change your own plugs, click on our website's "Where to Buy" link for a list of retailers and auto parts stores in your area that sell our performance plugs. To keep up with the latest news and information, follow our progress on the E3 Blog. And remember, E3 Plugs were Born to Burn.