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Since the birth of the plug that was "Born to Burn," E3 has been actively involved in numerous facets of America's grass-roots racing programs. Beginning on the dirt tracks and off-road racing series, we spent over two years working on a race plug that could stand up to the harsh environment of today's top fuel drag racing. Now, the highly recognizable "green and black" E3 logo is showing up in various classes at NHRA national events across the country.

From the oval tracks across the country racing late model modified to 4-wheel drive off road racing in the desert, E3 sponsored competitors have proven time and again that our DiamondFIRE technology provides the unfair advantage it takes to win. But.. we didn't stop there and we didn't limit our involvement to four-wheel competition. We extended our support to motorcycle racing, tractor pulls and drag boats. In fact, we show up anywhere our loyal race fans and customers like to hang.

In 2013, we were honored when our Edge-to-Edge technology was named the Official Spark Plug of the NHRA. But we weren't satisfied with just sponsoring NHRA events, we seized the opportunity to put the E3 technology to the ultimate test, "on the track." The design would have to handle stress like no other land vehicle. After several years of testing and the know how to provide the spark for an 8,000 horsepower Top Fuel engine, we are ready to release our latest line of racing plugs.

When everything goes right, a Top Fuel Dragster can reach 200 mph in about 350 feet and over 300 mph in less than four seconds. If the spark fails at any time during the run, the unburned fuel can explode with sufficient force to split the engine block in half. But, the E3 patented electrode projects a significantly faster and larger flame kernel to increase combustion efficiency in whatever vehicle you drive. The racing world will always boost the demand for quality high-performance automotive, motorcycle, snowmobile and powersports products. And now.. E3 Racing Spark Plugs will be there leading the way for newer, better technology. So look for us at your favorite event!

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