How often should I replace my car or truck plugs?

How often you change the spark plugs in your vehicle depends upon the type of plugs you use and how you drive the vehicle. Naturally, better plugs and easy driving conditions are optimal. E3 automotive spark plugs offer a 100K mile warranty, or 5 years from the date of purchase.

How do I find the right plug for my vehicle?

Go to the Catalog section of this website and use the online automotive parts catalog as a cross reference for your make, model and engine. In addition, you can ask for assistance at any auto parts store listed in our "Where to Buy" section.

How often should I replace my lawnmower plug?

Typically, lawnmower plugs are replaced seasonally but it depends upon the area of the country where you live. Our small engine plug warranty for non-commercial, household use offer your lawnmower covers the life of the original engine.

How do I find the right plug for my lawn & garden equipment?

Go to the Catalog section of this website and use the online lawn & garden catalog as a cross reference for your engine type and displacement. In addition, you can ask for assistance at any auto parts store listed in our "Where to Buy" guide. If you have the used plug, take it with you.

How often should I replace my powersports plug?

There are numerous applications for powersports engines, such as road bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, scooters, etc. Since some engines are designed for very high performance applications, plug life varies. It is always advisable to check your manufacturers guide or ask your engine builder.

How do I find the best plug for my motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV or scooter?

In the Catalog section of this website, we provide listings by make, model and engine size, plus a cross reference guide by brand & part numbers.

Will I need special tools to replace an E3 spark plug?

Check your owner’s manual for the correct size of the spark plug socket to remove the old plug and install a new E3 spark plug. If you are inspecting and/or cleaning an existing plug, we recommend cleaning the plug's threads with a wire brush to prevent damage to the threads inside the engine's head.

Where do I find the torque specifications for E3 plugs?

Go to the Tech Support menu for this website and click on the E3 Torque Chart for the plug that you are installing. You can also check your manufacturer's guide for exact plug torque information for your vehicle's engine.

Do I need to gap my new E3 spark plug?

Automotive spark plugs have a unique three-leg ground electrode and the powersport plug with its unique ground electrode are pre-gapped at the E3 factory to meet the O.E. requirements for the vehicles they are listed to fit. Do not attempt to change the gap. E3 Lawn & Garden plugs are gapped at the factory, but may require some adjustment to meet your O.E. engine requirements.

How do I know if my plug is fouled?

A fouled plug refers to a build up or coating of carbon deposits, oil or fuel on the plug's electrode tip and ceramic insulator. Sometimes the plug can be cleaned and re-installed. Typically, recurring problems with fouled plugs are indicative of other engine problems.

Does it help to clean E3 spark plugs?

It depends. In most cases, you do not need to clean your car or truck spark plugs. During routine maintenance of lawn & garden equipment, inspecting and cleaning the plug's tip is common. For powersports installations, it depends upon the application and frequency of use.

What is the difference between pre-ignition and detonation?

When something causes the air-fuel mixture to ignite prior to the spark plug firing, you have pre-ignition. Pre-ignition can be very damaging to your vehicle's engine. Detonation is the spontaneous combustion of the remaining mixture in the chamber after normal combustion is initiated by the spark plug. The key here is that detonation occurs after normal combustion. This often causes an engine "ping" that may indicate less than optimum performance.