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Born from cutting edge nanoscale materials, chosen by the world’s super car manufacturers, and proven on the Formula 1 & NASCAR podiums, the next generation of lithium starter batteries have arrived. Leaving lead-acid, AGM and even traditional lithium-ion batteries languishing in the dust, E3 Lithium is a quantum leap ahead in the power supply market.

Introducing the E3 Lithium line of High Performance LiFePO4 Batteries.  Featuring a significant weight reduction, a massive power increase and the longest life of any battery available, E3 Lithium is the LAST battery you’ll ever buy. 

Available in 10 unique configurations covering a wide variety of automotive, motorsports, and powersports applications, E3 Lithium Batteries set the bar for a new performance standard by delivering the following:

  • Lighter Weight
  • Dynamic Charge Acceptance
  • Extreme Cold Temperature Performance
  • Extensive Cycle Life
  • Exceptional Reliability & Durability
  • Incomparable Versatility

By utilizing advanced chemistry and system design, E3 Lithium Batteries offer outstanding cycle life, high charge acceptance, and up to an 80% weight reduction over lead-acid batteries in addition to outstanding cranking power unmatched in the industry.

Transportation now accounts for one-third of America’s greenhouse gas emissions each year. Click here to learn how lithium iron phosphate batteries could help save the planet.