Year-Long Waiting List to Drive the New Corvette Stingray Z51

Buyers of the new 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 may have to wait upwards of a year for delivery.

Picturing yourself behind the wheel of the super-sleek new Corvette Stingray Z51? Well, hold that thought. Even if you’ve got your checkbook out and are ready to plunk down that first payment, you’re likely gonna have to wait a while, E3 Spark Plugs has learned.

After an already intense period of anticipation that seemed to last FOREVAH, those who have ordered new Stingrays with the enviable Z51 package must now wait even longer – About a year, to be exact. Turns out the Z51 hype has proven effective, as a full 75 percent of all new Corvette orders being placed include the package.

To be fair, that kind of ordering frenzy should have been expected, considering reviews like automotive journalist Don Sherman’s from the July issue of Car and Driver, which started this way:

“That whiff of smoked Michelin you smell and the bawl of tortured rear tires you hear confirm that we’ve popped the clutch on the Corvette’s seventh generation. We uncorked it at GM’s Milford, Michigan, proving grounds, where we strapped our testing gear to the thing and came away feeling sorry for almost any car that meets it at a stoplight, the track, or a winding road.”

The Z51 package features a three-mode electronic limited slip differential, larger slotted brake discs, dry-sump oil system, upgraded dampers and bigger wheels, along with a few other goodies. It’s so heavily anticipated that suppliers are having trouble delivering all the necessary parts to Corvette’s Bowling Green, KY factory.

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