Wonder Woman Danica Patrick Helps Pets

Wonder Woman Danica Patrick Helps Pets

As one of the most accomplished women racers in history, Danica Patrick has earned a nickname over the years, Wonder Woman. The title became more official on NASCAR's Race Hub show as the new Wonder Woman paint scheme for her car was revealed.

Patrick will be racing the new Wonder Woman themed #10 car at the Kansas Speedway on May 13th as well as the Monster Energy All-Star Open in Charlotte. The team did a fantastic job on the car as it features the classic Wonder Woman logo emblazoned across the front of the hood with actress Gal Gadot in full costume above. Upon hearing the news, the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, took to Twitter saying "Gotta love it! She's fabulous. Can you imagine how difficult it was to attain this success? Boss."

Car sponsorship is shared with One Cure, an initiative that brings awareness and funding to a promising area of cancer research. Comparative Oncology, the study of naturally occurring cancers in animals, works to find the similarities between humans and animals where cancer is concerned. The goal is that these similarities can shed light on how to help cure cancer.

Danica was the obvious choice as the driver as she has a long history of devotion to pets and animals. “I’ve given to all sorts of animal charities through the years, but One Cure is different. The purpose of One Cure is a game changer in finding a potential cure for cancer,” Patrick said. “Our pets are members of our families, and when they aren’t well, we want to do everything we can to help. Cancer has touched so many of us. Knowing we can use what we learn from keeping our animals healthy to potentially help save human lives is a cause I’m honored to support.”

The Wonder Woman movie is set to release this year on June 2nd and has been getting a lot of press. For decades, the character has been an inspiration to young girls and women alike as the embodiment of feminine empowerment. Fans got the very first look at the car in a Tweet posted by Stewart-Haas Racing, part of the team behind the new design. While it will only be featured for two races, this is one you shouldn't miss. Tickets to both events are still available. Now with a woman behind the wheel who dominates a predominantly male sport, kids of all ages have a real life Wonder Woman as a role model.