Will.i.am, Three Lexus NX CUVs and a Serious Laser Setup Make Beautiful Music

One might say that the revving of a well-tuned ride's engine is music only to the ear of a bona fide gearhead. Not so, says hip hop and pop artist will.i.am. To prove it, he hooked up with Lexus and Marshmallow Laser Feast, makers of musical laser forests, light painting and quadcopters.

In a single night, organizers built and executed what boils down to a musical racetrack using some350 motion- and auto-sensitive lasers and lights, three Lexus NX CUVs and three drivers with some serious precision skills. The lasers were laid out down a runway and set to go off as the vehicleshttp://e3sparkplugs.com/automotive-sparkplugs sped past. Each ride had to be precise in not only placement but speed to get it right. Why? Because all those lasers and lights were set up to play will.i.am's latest musical hit, #thatPOWER, creating a video like you've never seen before.

The setup took the work of 65 people over seven days, but recording the video reportedly too just one very long night.

"Working with the stunt guys to hit the laser targets in time with the music wasn't easy to get right but the result was awesome," will.i.am said. "The combination of technology, design and music in this project was out of this world."

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