Who Needs a House When You Can Have a 1971 Aston Martin DBS?

As young boys, Germany’s Michael von Trzebiatowski and his brother fell experienced their first automotive loves. Watching The Persuaders, the 1970s action series starring Roger Moore and Tony Curtis as billionaire playboy brothers-turned-detectives, the boys fell head over heels for the two real stars of the show – the Ferrari Dino driven by Curtis’ character and the Aston Martin DBS driven by Moore.

When the two grew up, von Trzebiatowski’s finance-minded brother opted for buying a home over a hot vintage ride. Oh, but von Trzebiatowski wasn’t about to make the same mistake, he says. It took him a decade or two, but he successfully blew off all the more sensible trappings of adulthood and instead saved his cash. Finally, the opportunity to throw it all down for his automotive love came and today, he’s the proud owner of a pristine 1971 Aston Martin DBS V8.

“Whenever I see this car, no matter if it’s day or night, no matter from which angle I’m looking at it, I just fall in love,” he says in a recent episode of Petrolicious. “When I get into the car and I smell the leather, the faint trace of oil that’s made its way into the interior, it’s just priceless. My Aston Martin bouquet lingers for the rest of the day.”

Spoken like a man enamored.

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