US Roadways Most Frequented by Drunk Drivers

Statistics show that drunk driving kills one person every 52 mintues throughout the United States. You might think that these accidents are more frequent in larger party cities like Los Angeles, New York or Miami. But you'd be wrong. Turns out that drunk driving crashes are far more likely to happen along the long stretches of open road that connect small towns in rural western areas, where drivers often are tempted to drive faster and less carefully for longer distances.

A new study commissioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminsistration took a look at road fatalities stats associated with drunk driving all across the country. The data turned up a total of 94,550 drunk driving deaths between 2004 and 2013, and identified the roadways where these accidents happened most. The top 25 are:

  1. 1-90 in Montana
  2. I-25 in Wyoming
  3. I-80 in Wyoming
  4. I-25 in New Mexico
  5. I-40 in New Mexico
  6. 1-90 in South Dakota
  7. I-29 in South Dakota
  8. I-90 in Wyoming
  9. I-10 in Louisiana
  10. I- 295 in the District of Columbia
  11. I-19 in Rhode Island
  12. I-84 in Idaho
  13. I-94 in Vermont
  14. I-10 in Arizona
  15. I-35 in Oklahoma
  16. I-79 in West Virginia
  17. I-40 in Oklahoma
  18. I-95 in Delaware
  19. I-40 in Arkansas
  20. I-15 in Nevada
  21. I-44 in Oklahoma
  22. I-40 in Tennessee
  23. I-55 in Mississippi
  24. I-95 in Connecticut
  25. I-25 in Colorado

Do you regularly drive one of these highways? We here at E3 Spark Plugs urge you to take extra caution behind the wheel and on roadways.