Top News & Notes for Racing Game Enthusiasts from E3EXPO 2015

The OTHER E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, just wrapped its 2015 event and we here at E3 Spark Plugs have a few notable items to share.

Among all the great gaming reveals at E3EXPO 2015 were a few that appeal to the speed lovers and gearheads. First there's the Trackmania debut. The arcade-esque game has finally jettisoned the PC for the gaming console, bringing with it "all manner of crazy courses and time trial-mastering gameplay." It's as-yet unclear whether the console version will allow for nearly the amount of customizability that has hooked players of the PC version, from music collections to car feature selections. But there's ridiculousness aplenty, still.

Another we love is SMS Racing. This one is not only challenging, but serves to drive home an important point. Built for the Samsung Gear VR, SMSRacing tests your ability to text while driving. Take too long to reply to a friend's text and you'll be unceremoniously unfriended. Lose three friends and you automatically fail the race. It's a blast to play, but no matter how good you get, remember that crashing on a gaming console is one thing - crashing on real-world roadways is another thing entirely. Keep the texting behind the wheel to the virtual world.

And, if you're anxiously awaiting the release of the next Need for Speed, we've got a solid date for you - November 3, according to gamemaker EA.

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