Top Automotive Super Bowl Ads

Most Super Bowl viewers are legit football fans enjoying a great game. But it’s no secret that a large contingency of those watching the gridiron battle on TV actually tuned in for the commercials. Here are E3 Spark Plugs’ top picks for the best automotive ads aired during the 50th anniversary game, in no particular order: Audi R8: A former astronaut pining for the good ol’ days regains his passion for life when he takes his son for a spin in the new Audi R8. Serious points for the soundtrack tribute to the late David Bowie.

Mini Clubman: The new Mini Clubman scoffs at your attempts to label it and defies you to label yourself in this empowering little ad.

Honda Ridgeline: Can anybody find me somebody to love the new Honda Ridgeline truck with the optional truck bed audio? Never mind. These fluffy four-leggeds have it covered.

Hyundai Genesis: Dads with dating-age daughters, the Hyundai Genesis’ Car Finder feature is your new favorite tool.

Hyundai Elantra: Hey, girl – Ryan Gosling just wants you to be safe out there in your new Elantra with advanced safety features like Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection.

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