Top 5 Ways To Geek Out Your Ride

Top 5 Ways To Geek Out Your Ride

With sci-fi and video games becoming mainstream, the days of geeks being pushed around are over and this group of nerdy enthusiasts have become a huge target market for car accessory makers. We've reviewed our favorites and present "The Top 5 Ways To Geek Out Your Ride" countdown.

5. Sci-Fi USB Chargers - Between our smart phones, tablets, and loads of other gadgets we plug in on a daily basis, it was about time the car USB charger got a fun upgrade. Today there are several options available for sci-fi lovers of both movies and television. Some of our favorites include the Knight Rider K.I.T.T. charger, Flux Capacitor charger, and new Star Wars BB-8 charger. Each features either flashing lights and sounds or fun automatic movements.

4. LED Rear Window Emoji - Have you ever wanted to express your feelings toward another driver but didn't necessarily feel like using a lewd hand signal? Well thanks to the Drivemocion LED Car Sign, you can express your true feelings to the driver behind you with 16 text and facial expression messages including happy and angry faces, "Thanks" (to those who let you merge), and many others.

3. Smart Car Locator - Did you forget where you parked, again? Now there are a few smart car locators on the market which plug into your car and send a signal to an app on your phone, directing you to your car. Very helpful at conventions and in parking garages!

2. Real-Time Diagnostics - If the Check Engine light just isn't telling you enough, consider the KIWI 3: Gearhead-level Diagnostics tool to give you the details. This little device plugs straight you’re your car's OBDII port and relays data to an app via Bluetooth. Data includes basic engine information all the way up to racing stats.

1. High Tech Jump Starter - Getting a jump never seems to be easy, especially if you're parked the opposite way of what you need and are in a crowded area. While there are many jump starting tools on the market, our new favorite has got to be the Streetwise 6k mAh Power Bank & Jumpstarter. About the size of a smart phone this little gadget comes with two jumper clips and can jump start your car over 10 times on one charge. It can also charge your iPhone or Android phone!