Team E3 Racing Winner Shea Holbrook Launches

Team E3 Racing winner Shea Holbrook recently launched

Who says professional racing isn’t a girl’s club? Team E3 Racing winner Shea Holbrook is a standout among a burgeoning number of female drivers, engineers, mechanics and motorsport execs. And there are more racing fans and auto enthusiasts of the fairer sex today than ever before. Yet, there are precious few resources for gearhead gals to hang out and share their love for all things automotive.

To that end, Holbrook recently launched, a new website with an accompanying #SteelOvaryNation hashtag campaign. The brand represents female drivers, engineers, mechanics, broadcasters, bloggers, fans and car and motorsport gurus and features articles, photos and merchandise. Says Kerryann De La Cruz, a drag racer with a goal to build a legendary Nissan Skyline BNR32 GT-R: “It takes balls to live a world with so much life and passion, bursting at the seams with every emotion at full throttle. Not everyone is made for that. It takes OVARIES of STEEL to do the unconventional, and challenge yourself in a world vastly dominated by men where respect is earned, and often times we work harder for the same desired respect.”

The idea began with a tweet and a response by Holbrook that quickly caught fire. Twitter member @nascarasm, an avid motorsports fan with a large Twitter following, tweeted a congratulatory message to the winner of the 2013 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Daytona and the team’s sponsor: “It took some big Carolina nuts to win this one.”

Holbrook was quick to reply: “Girls have big nuts too, they’re called ovaries!”

And so it began! Response from fans and fellow motorsports pros was crazy and soon, hashtags #SteelOvaries and #SteelOvaryNation were flying everywhere. The ever gracious Holbrook also initiated the hashtag #brovaries, a new term of endearment for men who avidly support the SteelOvaryNation brand and all women in the motorsports world.

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