Snowmobile Event Drops Small Town Michigan Track

Snowmobile Event Drops Small Town Michigan Track

Residents of Caro, Michigan look forward to the Caro Winter Fest, held annually in January. One of the highlights of the 2017 festival was to be the No Bull Triple Crown snowmobile race. That was until race sponsors announced that Caro would be dropped from the 2017 schedule. “We regret to inform everyone that due to track conditions, per insurance, we must move the race out of Caro, MI.,” officials state. “The adjacent building and width of track have thrown up red flags. The safety of our drivers in No Bull Triple Crown is a main concern.”

This news came as a surprise to operators of the Tuscola County Fairgrounds, where the race was to be held. In the fall of 2015 the track underwent extensive improvements and was given the seal of approval by No Bull. As the event would bring additional competitors and crowds to Caro, the track was widened to almost double its original size. While safety was always made a priority during renovations, race sponsors apparently had second thoughts as the date approached.

After the 2016 race, No Bull Triple Crown owner Mike Higgins said “from what I’ve heard, it was the best enduro track guys have seen in years. It was a total success, total hit. Our gates were great, we’re totally pumped about making some small adjustments for next year and really excited to move forward with Caro Winter Fest in partnership with No Bull Triple Crown.”

Even participants were impressed with the 2016 track. “I think the track was awesome,” said Ryan Faust, member of Faust Racing. “I was extremely impressed on how well it held up, it had nice and wide-sweeping corners, and it was fast. Plus, everyone was really welcoming, we had a blast.” It was one of the first 2016 snowmobile races in Michigan to complete all 500 laps.

Hopefully the new track will still be used for some type of sled race during next year's festival, even if No Bull isn't involved.