Real-Life NeuTron Bike Hits the Streets – And Yes, You Can Have One, Too

The street-legal, Tron-inspired NeuTron Bike starts at $55,000.

When the first Tron movie came out back in 1982, the light bike scene caught people’s attention. Kids couldn’t get enough of the graphics and the idea of fast-moving motorcycles creating walls to block each other off. Arcade games were quickly created and became quite popular for a year or so afterward. Then the second Tron movie remake came out and took the light bike idea all the way to a new level. With computer movie graphics having had 30 plus years to get better, the cinema results were amazing, and the new light bikes on screen blew everyone’s minds away again.

Now Parker Brothers Concepts has taken life and imitated art. They have created a real time, functional Tron-style motorcycle that works, and it looks like the real thing too. Granted, it doesn’t leave light walls behind the vehicle as one rides it. But the motorcycle itself looks and runs like a real, motorized futuristic bike that a computer hero would ride.

Mechanically, Parker Brother’s vehicle, named the NeuTron Bike, puts out a top speed level of 100 mph. Further, it uses no gas or combustion engine power. The NeuTron Bike runs entirely on an electric motor system. With a fully charged system running on a lithium ion battery pack, the Bike can travel up to 80 miles currently. Oh, and there’s no room for a passenger, the NeuTron Bike is a one-person vehicle only. No girlfriends or boyfriends on the back allowed.

The NeuTron Bike is the next stage in Parker Brothers’ development of a futuristic motorcycle. The Lightcycle represented the company’s earlier foray with a combustion engine, specifically a Suzuki twin-V engine to be exact. The gas version is already pegging a price tag of at least $55,000 at retail, so market watchers expect the electric bike to hit the range a slight bit higher.

Granted, both bikes are early entries into what will likely be the template for futuristic motorcycles over the next ten to fifteen years. And they definitely don’t have the range yet to tear up a run from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe. But these bikes have the look and feel to be mega fun. At E3 we’re always amazed at what new ideas Parker Brothers and other inventors will come up with. Now if we can just figure out how that electric spark plug works. With our patented Diamond Fire tip, bet we can make it all the way to Reno.