Pro Racer Punks Driving Instructors

Remember the video E3 Spark Plugs brought you in February of the beautiful blonde would-be reality show dater who turned out to be a pro-racer and an epic practical jokester? We've got another great behind-the-wheel punk to show you. This time, it's a gorgeous pro drifter Leona Chin and a passel of petrified driving instructors.

The Southeast Asian beauty recently was recruited by Malaysia's MaxMan TV to punk a group of driving instructors on their first day of work. The prank began with a bit of a transformation for both Chin and her car. Chin shed her fire suit for a nerd-tastic SpongeBob SquarePants dress, glasses and brightly colored floral hair clips. Her car was stripped of its sponsor branding and a rear spoiler, and a large stuffed bear was posed in the rear seat.

"It's my brother's car," Chin told the unsuspecting instructors about the high-powered sports car. She began her faux test by stalling the stick-shift in first gear and flipping on the windshield wipers.

"You need more practice," said one flustered instructor.

"Don't be scared. Go faster," said another.

Oh, and she did. Upon reaching a mostly empty parking lot, Chin unleashed a set of pro skills that had her passengers holding on for dear life - smoking tires, hurling the car into precise figure-eights and even spinning it around a wide circle to parallel park the car between two others in a Fast and Furious-worthy move.

"I parked inside!" she excitedly told a clearly rattled instructor.

Chin has been a fixture on the motorsport scene for the past seven years, competing in four-hour and 12-hour endurance races as well as rally, drift and circuit races. Enjoy the craziness in the video below. And tell us - was your teenage driving test a mess? Post your stories on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan Page.