No One Loves a Good Burn Like E3 Spark Plugs

No One Loves a Good Burn Like E3 Spark Plugs

According to Wikipedia, fuel efficiency is a form of thermal efficiency, meaning the efficiency of a process that converts chemical potential energy contained in a carrier fuel into kinetic energy by putting it to work. Form the very beginning, E3 Spark Plugs has been about the energy, efficiency and ecology represented by our complete line of ignition products for your car, truck, motorcycle, powersports and lawn & garden needs. The open-end design of our spark plugs allows the flame kernel to travel more directly toward the air/fuel mixture in your engine's compression chamber. After years of research and development, we determined that our edge-to-edge spark could significantly improve the efficiency of that burn.

Worst Polluter in Your Garage Is Not Your Car

When we learned of the research studies conducted by the California Air Resources Board on the culprits of air pollution, we went back to the drawing boards to produce a product that would be part of the answer rather than a contributor to the problem. If you've ever noticed the plume of blue smoke that fills the air after cranking your lawnmower, you may be interested to know that a gasoline-powered lawnmower emits as much air pollution in one hour of use as an average vehicle does in thirteen hours. We knew an immediate solution would be a better burn. In extensive testing, E3 spark plugs reduced fuel consumption in small engines up to 13%. Next season, think green and make an inexpensive move by selecting E3 as your lawn & garden plug for mowers, edges, trimmers and more.

On the Road, Off the Road and At the Track

From Day One, we have felt a connection to all the racers, teams and fans that compete every weekend across the nation. We've been fortunate to work with promoters, sponsors, teams and drivers in all forms of motorsports and powersports year after year. Our DiamondFire ignition products have been off road, in the water, down the strip, and have even crushed metal riding along with Big Foot. As our opportunities for partnerships with racing teams like John Force Racing have continued to grow, we've powered some of the fastest vehicles on the planet. Moreover, our engineering and design teams have continued to push our simple goal for economy, efficiency and ecology in the products we offer.

Since the birth of our DiamondFire design spark plug, it has always been about the "Burn".