Nissan Skyline GTR Gets a Sharpie Makeover

What do you do when you decide the color of your ride is oh, so last season? Well, if you're a gutsy kind of guy with an artsy kind of gal at your side, you hand her a couple of Sharpies and stand back. That's what one US military veteran did when he went shopping for a Midnight Purple Nissan Skyline GTR, but came home with a silver 1995 model. He quickly set about tuning up his new car and planning to repaint it. Apparently bored with the whole thing, his girlfriend grabbed a Sharpie and doodled over a scratch on the front bumper.

"It didn't matter. I was repainting it anyway," said the car's owner, identified as GroundForceOne in an online forum for Nissan owners.

The next day, when he spotted his girlfriend's bumper art, he was impressed - So much so that he decided to forego his violet-hued plans and handed his woman a few more Sharpies. While he continued to tinker on the inside, she spent the next few months busily creating a masterpiece. Roughly 100 hours and several clear coats later, the results proved amazing.

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