New Russian ATV Puts All Others To Shame

When you love motorsports and cars enough to keep up with the E3 blog, chances are you played with toy trucks and cars as a kid. Many of our favorite Hot Wheels and Tonka Trucks came in larger-than-life proportions not seen in the real world. Well get ready to awaken the excited 9 year old inside of you with the Sherp ATV. This monstrous piece of off-road technology comes from designer Aleksey Garagashyan and has hit the ATV world by storm.

This mini monster-truck's most prominent feature is its set of 4 gigantic self-inflating tires which perform in EVERY terrain including deep open water. Sand, snow, swamp, ice, mud, you name it and the Sherp dominates it no problem. This behemoth can climb obstacles up to 28 inches tall and can turn within its own wheelbase with a unique skid steering system. Finally "all terrain" means ALL terrain!

For the "low" starting price of $65,000 this vehicle can be yours and will feature a 1.5-liter, 44-horsepower 4 cylinder diesel engine and a five-speed manual transmission. With a top land speed of 28mph (3.7mph in the water) the Sherp is definitely not built for speed. However when you consider the wide variety of terrains it can handle, this is not a problem. Halogen headlights, a 15.3 gallon diesel tank, and a soft top come standard. A more comfortable cabin and hardtop are available for an extra $5,000.

The Sherp ATV looks fun to drive! Can't wait to get one and put it through the paces. Check out the amazing footage below and see the Sherp in action for yourself.