Meet Team E3 Racing Tier 1 Winner Shane Corson

Team E3 Racing winner Shane Corson's motto: "Go big or go home."

Shane Corson of Big Air Racing has a well-known and perfectly suited motto: “Go big or go home.” We here at E3 Spark Plugs believe Corson has big potential in the racing world. That’s why he’s a Tier 1 winner in the inaugural Team E3 Racing competition.

Corson revved up his racing career early, winning his first competition at the local MX track in his hometown Blackwood, N.J. at age nine. He went on to win the 90cc 4 stroke class each of his first three racing seasons, also winning open mini two of those three years and finishing second in the other.

In his fourth year on the track, Corson moved up to a Honda 300ex, running with the AMA’s D6 (American Motorcyclist Association District Six). He finished in the top three in both 300cc classes in the first year, then finished fourth running in the 450cc open C class each of his last two years on a 300. It was during this time that Corson and his team discovered the power of E3′s unique DiamondFire technology.

“We started using E3 spark plugs when I moved to the 300 and have used nothing else since,” Corson says.

Last year marked Corson’s first racing season on a 450. He finished second in college boy and fifth in open C competitions, but maintains he would have taken the top podium spot in both had it not been for “a ton of mechanical problems.”

During the 2011 season, he also ran two national races, finishing seventh among a field of 24 racers from across the country in each of two classes. It’s a major coup when you consider that Corson, age 16 at the time, was the youngest rider by at least four years in both races, beating out nearly 20 older and more experienced riders.

As for 2012: “This season I will once again be riding in the college boy class and open B and may dabble in a few Pro Am races,” Corson says. And he’ll do it while proudly displaying the E3 Spark Plugs logo. Follow Corson’s racing career progress via our blog and social media sites, including the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook fan page.

Congratulations and welcome to Team E3 Racing, Shane!