Meet Team E3 Racing Winner Jacob “Camokid??? Putman

Jacob "Camokid" Putman is Team E3 Racing's youngest winner.

Team E3 Racing’s littlest winner yet clearly has a big future ahead of him in professional racing. Jacob “Camokid” Putman of Centreville, VA is a two-year veteran in kid kart racing – and he’s only six.

Putman first hit the competitive tracks running the Kid Kart race at Old Dominion Speedway in Manassas, Virginia at the tender age of four. His performance in that very first race proved a told-ya-so moment for Putman, putting to rest any skepticism about the boy’s commitment to and talent for racing. Track officials were so impressed that they encouraged Putman’s parents to immediately move him up to Kid Kart 2, affording their son the opportunity for a tougher challenge and better learning experience. The move meant that Putman would be racing against boys who all had at least two years of experience on him. And boy, were those older competitors shocked when Putman landed a second-place class finish for the season.

That same season, Putman also finished second in points at nearby King George Speedway, and the kudos kept on coming over the next year. Putman’s latest racing accomplishments include finishing the 2011 season as Old Dominion Speedway’s Track Champion. He also finished second in points in the King George Speedway series and took 7th place in the annual Kid Kart Nationals, as well as the inaugural Indy Karting Classic at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Not bad for a five-year-old.

Today, Putman is part of two racing teams including J&D Outlaw Racing, founded with his friend Donald Whorton – another young upstart burning up the tracks. And he starts the 2012 Kid Kart 2 season as a member of the Excel Racing team.

“I am really good at what I do,” says a very confident Putman, adding that E3 racing spark plugs have helped boost his racing cart’s speed. “My dad says I’m a natural and that I should win a few races this year. I am going to try and win them all.”