Meet Team E3 Racing Winner Dusty Lawson

Team E3 Racing winner Dusty Lawson and his father race sprint cars in the Northern Outlaw Sprint Association.

Dusty Lawson probably first heard the rumble of a racing engine from the womb.

“I have been around racing since I was born and went to my first race at seven months old,” says the third-generation racer and new Team E3 Racing winner from Minot, North Dakota. Lawson’s grandfather first fired up the family’s racing heritage in the 1950s and raced through the 1970s. His father followed suit, starting his racing career in 1980 and continuing today.

Spending his childhood in the garage and at the tracks solidified Lawson’s choice to take up the family business when he came of age. He began helping in the pits at age 14 and by 17, had his own racecar. For seven years, he raced hobby stocks, winning multiple features and heat races and landing a finishing high of fourth in season points with a Ford engine.

After hitting that seven-year-itch with hobby stocks, Lawson joined his dad in racing sprint cars. The two often battle it out on the tracks, both racing in the Northern Outlaw Sprint Association.

“My dad and I race against each other and we have a blast,” Lawson says. “While we are not the fastest cars or have the biggest budget, we do well with what we have and have a great time doing it.”

If you’re in the Minot, ND area, look for the Lawsons’ cars featured in several annual parades including the North Dakota State Fair Parade, the state’s largest. And from all of us here at E3 Spark Plugs, congrats and welcome to the team, Dusty!