Is Your Snow Blower Ready for Winter Storms? E3 Spark Plugs Offers Tips.

Is your snow blower ready for the record-breaking winter snow? E3 Spark Plugs offers maintenance tips.

Record-breaking snow is collapsing barns, stranding motorists and racking up school snow days in multiple states nationwide – even the South, where’s putting a real damper on Super Bowl fans’ plans for partying and football-watching. Are you ready to tackle the wicked weather? If your snow blower isn’t in top shape, you might find yourself standing in your drive way fussing and cussing with a powerless power tool. E3 Spark Plugs offers a few tips to make sure your snow blower is up to the challenge.

  1. Before powering up the first time, check all bolts, belts and moving parts and replace any frayed, worn or cracked parts and tighten any loose bolts.
  2. Turn your snow blower on its side and check the scraper bar. If it looks worn, replace it or expect damage to your snowblower’s housing – a much pricier repair.
  3. Check the rubber paddles and the rubber on your snow blower’s auger. If your finger fits between the rubber and housing, replace it.
  4. Make sure the tires are in good shape and property inflated.
  5. If your snow blower has a four cylinder engine, change the oil and filter. Make sure you’re using the appropriate weight and amount of oil.
  6. Lube the drive and chassis and be sure to check the lube in the gear box if you have a two-stage snow blower.
  7. Siphon off any fuel left over from last season and fill your tank with fresh gasoline. Adding a little methanol with the fuel once or twice a season will help avoid condensation inside your tank and keep your carburetor from icing up.
  8. Replace the spark plugs in both two-cylinder and four-cylinder engines. E3 Spark Plugs makes a variety of plugs designed specifically for snow removal equipment. Check our online catalog to find the right one for your snow blower.

E3 Spark Plugs also makes top-quality snowmobile spark plugs. So, whether you’re fighting to clear the snow from your driveway or enjoying some recreational time on the slopes, we’ve got you covered.