I’ll Take a Large Pepperoni and a Set of Spark Plugs, Please

Smells delicious! But are my spark plugs in one of those boxes too?

Calling in a large pepperoni pie or a few orders of moo goo gai pan for home delivery is second nature in America. But how about getting that new set of spark plugs and struts, a few jugs of motor oil and a pair of fuzzy dice delivered right to your doorstep? Several auto parts retailers are testing the home delivery waters.

Advance Auto Parts (which, by the way, is an E3 Spark Plugs distributor) is one of those retailers offering home or curbside delivery in a select few pilot markets. The company offers free delivery for purchases of $75 or more within a five-mile radius ($9.99 for purchases under $75) and generally drops off orders within two hours. Nearly 80 percent of those deliveries are to the homes of auto owners with dead batteries or to the roadside curbs where stranded motorists call via their cell phones.

Come to think of it – that is pretty handy. And some marketing pundits say home delivery of auto parts is a smart move.

“When a consumer is stuck at home because their car won’t start, once you deliver the part they need, you leave them with positive emotions about your brand and gain their loyalty,” Cult Marketing CEO Doug McIntyre told reporters recently.

While having your spark plugs delivered may never offer quite the appeal as, say, a 12-inch supreme on thick crust with extra cheese, we think these retailers are on to something. What do you think? Leave us a comment here on the E3 Spark Plugs blog or on our Facebook fan page.