Got an Older Vehicle? E3 Spark Plugs Offers Ways to Keep it Running Affordably.

E3 Spark Plugs offers tips for taking care of your pre-owned or older vehicle.

If you’re in the market for a new ride, don’t discount the possibility of a high-quality used vehicle. A pre-owned car or truck costs less than a new vehicle both in purchase price and insurance rates. But it can cost you in repairs if you don’t take a little extra care. E3 Spark Plugs offers a few tips for taking care of an older or pre-owned vehicle.

  1. Find that auto owner’s manual and use it! Follow all of the manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance recommendations. Starting early with this one, and keeping consistent with it can help extend the life of your vehicle and keep it running smoothly.
  2. Get regular tune-ups and cooling system flushes. And be sure to replace your spark plugs, transmission fluid, and fuel and air filters regularly.
  3. Keep the oil changed as recommended. Opinions and factors vary as to that long-held 3,000-mile rule, but with an older vehicle, it’s best to err on the cautious side.
  4. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge, making sure it stays between 190 and 225, particularly during the hot summer months. If the over-heat light comes on, don’t try to make it that last mile or two home. Pull over immediately or chance some pricy damage to your engine. Even if your engine survives, running your vehicle hot is hard on engine bearings, piston rings and cylinder walls.
  5. Don’t drive like you think you’re in an episode of “Madhouse.” Fast or aggressive driving wears on an engine, not to mention your tires.
  6. Listen to your vehicle. That new clicking/swishing/grinding sound means something, and minor issues become major issues when they’re not dealt with quickly.
  7. Have a friend drive your car occasionally. It’s kinda like that funky smell you don’t notice once you’re used to it. A second opinion behind the wheel can help point out issues you may have missed.
  8. Keep your vehicle clean inside and out. Paint not only makes your ride look sweet, it protects the body, too. And that tracked-in sand and grime can eat away at your upholstery – and your vehicle’s resale value.

Remember, when you go to change those spark plugs, E3 car spark plugs and truck spark plugs are designed for a cleaner, stronger more efficient burn – perfect for older vehicles.