Tune-up for Your ATV for Hunting Season

Tune-up for Your ATV for Hunting Season

ATV's allow you to access hunting areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. However, once you leave the beaten trail, you definitely want to know that you can get back to your truck. Pushing an ATV loaded with hunting gear for miles is not a fun outing. So, take the time to do a thorough inspection and service your ATV before you hit the woods.

Preparing Your Ride for the Woods

When prepping your ATV, remember gas-station fuel always has water in the tanks, so drain any old gasoline from your tank and add fuel stabilizer when you refill. Check all battery connections and use an inexpensive trickle charger to keep your ride ready to go. Replace the oil with a winter weight for your area and change all your filters (air, oil and fuel). Make sure all your tires are inflated to the right pressure. If the tread is badly worn, buy some new rubber. With or without snow, winter trails tend to be slick and you'll need the extra grip. To make sure your ATV has the power to get the job done, install E3 replacement spark plugs before you hit the trails.

Don't Be That Guy!

It is always best to use your ATV to get to the area where you plan to hunt, then hike to your favorite spot. It's safer and you are much less likely to notify the wildlife that you are there. Moreover, don't be that guy and use your vehicle as a hunting stand. In some states, it is illegal to hunt from any type of vehicle. In others, it is just plain rude to blast by other hunters on a joy ride through the woods. Happy hunting, be safe, and we'll see all of our E3 racing fans back at the track in 2018.