Formula 1 Car vs. Superbike – Which one Wins?

It’s a foregone fact – Formula 1 race cars are mind-bendingly fast. But just how fast? We typically see them racing against other F1 cars, so there’s not much of an apples-to-oranges comparison to show just what kind of freakish speed these machines are capable of – until now.

You might think that because of the sheer weight differences and the decidedly higher level of nimbleness, a badass motorcycle just might have an advantage over an F1 car. You’d be wrong. Miserably wrong. And North One television just proved it by pitting racers Guy Martin and David Coulthard against each other on the track – Martin on a Tyco BMW Superbike and Coulthard in a 2012 Red Bull RB8. To make things interesting, Coulthard’s win depended upon his racing four laps faster than Martin completed three.

Which do you think dominated, E3 Spark Plugs fans? Take a look…