Ford Recalls 554,000 Cars Over Power Steering, Fuel Pumps, Heat Shields, Parking Lamps

It's been a rough few weeks for Ford. Last week, the automaker recalled upward of 400,000 late-model vehicles for faulty door latches. Now, it's issued a recall of another 553,314 vehicles, citing an array of issues with power steering, fuel pumps, heat shields and parking lamps.

Topping the recall list are 487,301 Fusions and Lincoln MKZs from model years 2013-2015 and 2015 Edge vehicles. Bolts on the steering gear motors installed in these vehicles can rust out, crack and disable the power assist. At highest risk for corrosion are vehicles that are registered in or frequent the "salt belt" states, where large quantities of salt are applied to roads during the winter season to control show and ice and lower the risk of automobile accidents.

If your ride is affected, your nearest Ford dealer will replace the bolts, cover them in a rustproof sealant and replace any damaged steering gear.

Owners of 2015 MKZ sedans should also ask for a software update that will lower the brightness of headlamps. The lamps are too bright under federal regulations in 21,435 cars.

On 2014 Focus, Edge, Escape, Transit Connect and 2014-2015 Fiesta models, the fuel pumps have nickel plating that can loosen and plug the impeller (the rotor that spins and drives the fuel into the line). This can block the flow of gasoline. These cars may not start or, far worse, may stall while driving, boosting the risk of being rear-ended on the roadways. The issue is known to have caused at least one crash and may also affect several Nissan, BMW and Volkswagen/Audi models. Your dealer will replace the entire fuel pump assembly.

And for 2015 F-150 pickup truck owners, a few slackers at the Dearborn, Michigan truck plant neglected to install heat shields or fasteners in 73 trucks manufactured over a two-day span. A missing shield could pose a fire risk when the truck is idling over grass or other easily ignitable surfaces. Dealers will make sure the shields are installed and screwed tight.

If you believe your vehicle may be affected by the recall, E3 Spark Plugs urges you to take the recall seriously. Head to your dealer today for free-of-charge fixes.