Floyd Mayweather Has Racked Up More than 100 Cars From Same Dealer

It's a known fact in business that it's easier to lure back a repeat customer that to score a new one. Apparently, no one knows that better than dealer Josh "Chop" Towbin, who owns Towbin Motorcars in Las Vegas. Specializing in ultrahigh-end rides, Towbin no doubt boasts a few celebrity clients. But his top bread-and-butter client apparently is famed five-division world champion boxer Floyd Mayweaather, Jr.

According to the Washington Post, the 38-year-old fighter thus far has purchased no less than 100 cars from the dealership, including 16 Rolls Royces.

"He'll buy a car before the fight. He'll buy cars after the fight. He'll buy cars on holidays," Towbin told reporters of his favorite client, who stands to make upward of $180 million in a single night when he fights ring rival Manny Pacquiano on May 2.

Apparently, Mayweather is a cash-only kind of guy - a factor that prompted Towbin to purchase and install a top-of-the-line cash counting machine that always stands at the ready.

"We never know when Floyd will get the bug to come car shopping," fellow dealer Jesika Towbin-Mansour said in the article. "There was one time where he gave us a call at two in the morning and, of course, we happily opened the store for him and he came in and bought a couple of cars."

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