World Motocross Event to Be Held in Poland

World Motocross Event to Be Held in Poland

What is being described as "The Olympics of Motocross," a huge international race of Europe's top bikers is slated to take place in Poland next year.

Youthstream, in Monaco, was proud to announce this week that the Women's Motocross of European Nations and the Motocross of European Nations will appear on the calendar once again in 2017. The event will be held in Poland and take place on September 3rd of next year at the circuit of Gdansk, the same course which was used in 2005 for the same event.

FIM Europe Motocross Commission Chairman Mr. Eddie Herd said, “I am very happy to see this event on the calendar again for next year. It is a very important event for FIM Europe and for the development of the young riders to ride as a team for their Nation and also have a National team event for the Women. I hope that we will get support from many national teams in both classes. The event is an ‘open’ competition and any team from any Federation worldwide is entitled to enter it.”

Racing fans around the world are excited for the event as it showcases some of the finest talent across all of Europe. Many are wondering how the recent "Brexit" vote will impact the event's starting lineup as fan favorites like Shaun Simpson, Tony Craig, and Gary Gibson would definitely draw larger crowds.

Youthstream CEO Mr. Daniele Rizzi said: “We look forward to this event going to Poland with such an interesting race format, which will make this a very attractive event for the Polish fans. We thank FIM Europe, the Polish Federation and the City of Gdansk: they have all worked hard to make this happen.”

No further details are available yet but stay tuned to the E3 Spark Plugs blog for more news on this exciting event!