E3 Spark Plugs Welcomes 2013 Class of Team E3 Tier 2 Winners



E3 Spark Plugs sends out big props to the 2012 class of Team E3 Racing Sponsorship Contest Tier 2 winners. Three top picks from our inaugural class made the cut this year as well. They are:

  • Alex Prunty, third-generation race car driver;
  • Jacob “Camokid” Putman, 7-year-old Kid Kart champ;
  • Daryl Barrett, 30-year racing professional

New on the team for 2013 are:

  • Cody Perry, Sport Compact / Hornet division racer;
  • Parker Abed, a competitive racer since age five;
  • Danny Phillips, custom lawnmower builder and racer;
  • John Hummel, 26-year drag racer;
  • Aidan Montgomery Hinds, 7-year-old racer;
  • Tyler Shepard, the “Wheelie Wizzard;
  • bobby brown, truck racer;
  • Tim Spurlock, engine transmission and builder, and truck racer;
  • Tom Benvenuti, vintage snowmobile racer.

Each winner scored a set of 16 E3 Spark Plugs and official E3 apparel and decals. Plus, they’ll get a publicity boost via the E3 Spark Plugs website blog and Facebook Fan Page. Check the E3 Spark Plugs blog regularly over the next few months for feature articles on each Team E3 Racing Tier 2 winner.