E3 Spark Plugs Sponsors Rick Huseman Off-Road Racing

E3 Spark Plugs announces their new associate sponsorship of off-road racer Rick Huseman, 2010 Dirt Sports Magazine’s “Driver of the Year”.  With back-to-back championships, one in the TORC Series and another in the Lucas Oil Off Road Series, Rick has racked up awards and accolades from across the racing industry.

Rick Huseman, driver of the number-36 Pro 4×4 Toyota Tundra, is making his mark on short-course off-road racing with a winning attitude and an innovative approach to his racing strategy.  In his 12 years of racing, Huseman has scored 29 victories in Off Road Racing.  He won his first PRO 4×4 championship in The Off Road Championship (TORC) Series in 2009.  He followed that up by winning the Unlimited Pro-4 championship in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) in 2010 in dominating fashion.  Huseman drove his number 36 Monster Energy/Traxxas/ Toyota to 10 victories out 15 rounds of racing.  This amazing feat has placed him in the record book for the most single season wins in short-course history.  In TORC, Rick won five races and podiumed in 10 of the 12 rounds of racing. He also took five Oakley Bomb awards for pulling the fastest lap time during a race.

E3 Spark Plugs Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Steve Joiner, first heard about Rick Huseman and his winning ways through the company’s involvement with the Team Lucas sponsorship of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. “Rick’s determination and ‘drive to win’ attitude makes him the perfect partner for E3,” stated Joiner.  “You never know when signing a sponsorship what the future will bring, but with Rick’s track record, we’re pretty sure we are teamed with a winner.”

Rick is very excited to be involved with E3 Spark Plugs as well, saying “E3 represents new technology, increased power and superior performance, that’s what we look for when selecting products for our race trucks.  You can’t win out here if you’re not using the best! I was pumped when I learned that E3 would be onboard as one of the sponsors for the 2011 series.  We are looking forward to taking E3 and my other sponsors to the winner’s circle a lot this year”

Rick Huseman Racing will kick-off the 2011 season in the LOORRS on March 19th at Firebird Raceway, Phoenix, AZ.  The TORC Series gets underway on April 30th at Cycle Ranch in San Antonio, TX. For more information on Rick Huseman and his racing program visit the website:RickHusemanRacing.com.

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