E3 Spark Plugs Get a Rave Review

The makers of E3 Spark Plugs love to hear from customers.

Here at E3 Spark Plugs, we love to hear from customers who have used our car spark plugs, truck spark plugs and motorcycle spark plugs and loved them – or hated them. We recently came across this post in a highly read car care blog by an author who had switched out his standard AC Delco spark plugs with a set of E3s an noticed a big change in his Chevy Caprice. Here’s what he had to say:

“So I ended up ordering a set of E3 plugs for my 350 from Advance Auto Parts and installed them this weekend. Let’s just say that I noticed a difference. I’m not talking night and day, but I still had some work to do.

“Now that my motor is finally broken in I decided to re-tune it, adjusting the mixture and idle speed, and filling the tank with some real fuel instead of the cheap crap I was running. I put in 93 octane with an octane booster which bumped it up to 105 according to the chart on the bottle. Then, there was a difference. Each pop of the piston was louder and crisper. The idle was more even and just sounded better.

“On the road, things only got better. Reaction to the throttle was lightning fast for a carbureted car, and the black soot that used to come out of the tailpipes was all but gone. I realize much of the difference can be attributed to the fuel change and carb tuning, but knowing how this motor usually behaves, I can honestly say that I think these plugs are the real deal – after all, it had been running better even before I made the later adjustments.”

E3 wants to hear about your experience with our plugs – positive or negative. Often, when a buyer writes about problems with our spark plugs, our engineers can help pinpoint other problems that may be affecting the plugs’ performance. So don’t hold back – Let us know how you really feel about E3 spark plugs. Leave a comment on our blog or on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook fan page.