E3 Spark Plugs’ August Flick Pick – “Getaway???

Hitting the big screen for Labor Day, “Getaway” stars Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez. But it’s the Shelby Cobra Super Snake that steals every scene.

Getaway is one of the must see car flicks for muscle car enthusiasts. It is an epiphany of many car-chase movies of the past. Though missing some the pure cool of a cult classic like Bullet, this movie is loaded with some serious action. The plot revolves around Brent Magna, a stock car driver who is trying to locate his kidnapped wife. In the process, Magna steals the star of the show, a Shelby Mustang GT 500 Super Snake, to give chase to the kidnapper. Ironically, and you knew there would be “irony”, the car belongs to a seasoned carjacker played by Selena Gomez.  Funny how Karma always comes back to bite you.

In the style of a serial-killer horror movie, the kidnapper is more interested in the game of being chased, tracked, and trailed. He watches, plans, and sets traps to heighten the thrill of the chase. Expect subtleties on the level of Ronin or V is for Vendetta, coupled with the high-horsepower action of Bullet. As a heads up, rumor has it that there are dozens of cameo appearances to add to the fun. So, sit back and discover for yourself a great flick with plenty of action, adventure and irony.

Now let’s talk about that car. The year is not given, so we are assuming it is pre 2010. According to a Test Drive of a 2010 Shelby Cobra Super Snake by Motor Trend Magazine that was published August 2009, this car has upwards of 750 HP. Muscle car buffs who know the history of Shelby automotive production are already aware that Carroll Shelby was a “show man” on the level of a Steve Jobs . . or was that the other way around . . Hmm?. Over the years, Shelby was known to be conservative in his estimates of raw power and always stood by his philosophy that is always better stating too little than too much. So the true HP of these cars remains unverified – and that just makes them that much hotter.

What Motor Trend did unveil about the production street car on the Dyno was that the Cobra Super Snake produces 635 HP at the wheels. That’s just insane.

With muscles to spare, the Super Snake does require an experienced driver behind the wheel, otherwise with so much HP you’ll end up going in circles. Stats place the Super Snake at 1.7 seconds from zero to 30 MPH, 4.1 seconds to 60 MPH and a mere 5 seconds to 70 MPH. By this time, you are pressed into your seat like a NASA astronaut because you have reached 90 MPH in just 7 seconds. To end the drama, 120.1 miles per hour in 12 seconds was Motor Trend’s final measure. Certainly the details of the Motor Trend article are impressive, but more impressive is the pure muscle car spirit of the Shelby heritage.

If you love a great chase scene with rear wheels spinning through third gear, then for sure catch the Super Snake in Getaway on the big screen. At E3 Spark Plugs, we’re still wondering why it wasn’t released in 3-D IMAX with pumped-up surround sound. But, hats off to Mr. Shelby and all the stunt drivers that so eagerly keep his legend alive throughout this movie.