E3 Spark Plugs Announces 90% Application Coverage for Lawn Mowers

E3 Spark Plugs Announces 90% Application  Coverage for Lawn Mowers

Ponte Vedra, FL (April 4, 2018)…E3 Spark Plugs entered the small engine market in 2003 with a fuel efficient, low emissions spark plug for lawn mowers. This year, E3 is proud to announce that their small engine plug, designed with the company’s patented DiamondFIRE ground electrode, has met a new milestone in lawn mower coverage. E3 spark plugs are now available for 90% of all lawn mowers on the market and is quickly growing its applications for sidewalk edgers, leaf blowers and hedge trimmers.

The unique design of the E3 spark plug ensures improved combustion, reduced emissions and improved fuel economy through an open ground electrode design, forward projection into the spark zone and through the plug’s edge-to-edge spark discharge. The fuel burns more efficiently inside the motor's combustion zone well before the exhaust cycle occurs to reduce toxic emissions up to 58%, while providing gains in fuel economy. Manufactured for long-lasting, reliable performance for equipment used for home or commercial use, E3 Spark plugs are available online and nationwide at top retailers.

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About E3

E3 Spark Plugs with patented DiamondFIRE technology, developed and validated by researchers from leading engineering universities, improves combustion efficiency for maximum performance.  As one of the leading spark plug companies in the United States, E3 manufactures a complete line of spark plugs for automotive, small engine, powersports and racing application.  In 2016, E3 expanded the company’s product line to include distributors, spark plug wires, coils and 02 sensors under the company’s DiamondFIRE brand. The DiamondFIRE line of ignition products firmly entrenches E3’s commitment to the automotive high performance and racing industry.