Discontinued Cars That You May or May Not Miss

Discontinued Cars That You May or May Not Miss

If you're shopping for a new vehicle, you may already know that some of the dealership's inventory may be fading into the sunset. So, what do you do if you are considering a model that is already tagged to be discontinued? The most obvious first step is to determine why the automaker is removing the vehicle from their lineup. Most often, a model is sent to the graveyard when sales drop below expectations (shrinking profits). This is frequently a result of a shift in consumer taste or a demand for newer technologies.

Listed below are some of the 2017 vehicles that won't be celebrating the New Year:

Buick Verano - Small car sales are down and pseudo-luxury passenger cars are a top the list.

Cheverolet SS - A cool car but the market isn't there for full-size, rear-wheel drive sedans.

Chrysler 200 - Mid-size sedans are also losing market share in today's world of crossovers.

Dodge Viper - Wow! Did you know Chrysler still made the V-10 Viper? Don't feel bad neither did most consumers.

Hyundai Azera - There are tons of Hyundai models in parking lots all over town. Have you ever seen an Azera? Well, there's your sign.

Infiniti QX70 - Not sure what happened here. This was a ground-breaking vehicle when it hit the market as Infiniti's luxury crossover. But, tastes change over time.

Jeep Patriot - Jeep has two crossover SUVs competing for market share. The Patriot lost.

Lexus CT 200h - Sales for the compact hybrid hatchback have fallen along with gasoline prices.

Mercedes Benz B-Class (Electric Drive) - The market isn't there for a compact luxury car with a touring range of less than 90 miles per charge.

Mercedes Benz Smart For Two - As the smallest and cheapest Benz, watch for a similar vehicle to resurface with electric drive.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV - There are better options for a small battery-powered around-town vehicle with a battery charge range of 50+miles.

Mitsubishi Lancer - The automaker is dropping a couple of compacts with the decline in sales of small cars. Hey, everybody wants a SUV.

Nissan Quest - Not a lot of buyers rushing to dealerships to buy a minivan nowadays.

Volkswagen CC - When sales are down on a dealership's low-volume seller, it gets replaced.

Volkswagen Touareg - A dozen years ago, this was a sporty, upscale crossover. Now it's being replaced by the Atlas for 2018.

If you've done your homework and have a great deal lined up on any of the models above, just remember vehicles that die on the vine usually don't become collector cars. Parts will likely be available for as long as you need but the resale value may not be there. Other than that, take advantage of a good deal and go for it!