Coolest Concept Travel Trailers We’d Like to See on the Road

Robert Williams ForFreedom Caravan Concept Travel Trailer

Summertime means road trip time. And for many, those cross-country road trips aren’t spent in a series of hotel rooms. They’re spent in RVs and travel trailers – wheeled homes-away-from-home. Just like car makers, manufacturers of RVs and travel trailers release concept designs of units that may or may not ever make it to market. In any case, they’re always fun to see. E3 Spark Plugs scoured the Internet and found a few of those concepts we’d love to take on the road.

  • 252 Degree Radius Travel Trailer: This one is just what the name says. The somewhat triangular shaped trailer opens up to a 252-degree radius, revealing double-walled, open-air rooms in bright colors. Only trouble is, we’re not sure where/if you can sleep in it. One sketch shows what appears to be a retractable tent-like covering that stretches from one wall to another. But we’re guessing you might want to bring along an old-fashioned camping tent just in case.
  • Robert Williams ForFreedom Concept Caravan: This compact living unit opens up with the aid of a sliding chassis and side pivot. The result is a dramatic, canopied lounge area with a panoramic view of the surroundings.
  • Colim Concept Trailer: This one’s great for the camper who also wants the option of tooling around the area with ease. The design calls for two separate but connected units – the car and the living space. They travel together as one nested unit while a middle set of wheels is stowed away. But once safely parked, the trailer stays put while the car drops its hidden rear wheels and separates. So much of the space we use is empty most of the time; in mobile housing, moving big volumes of air is expensive, so pop-up and folding units, with their lower profile, are far more fuel efficient.
  • Foldup Travel Trailer: Imagine a giant wheeled suitcase cruising down the highway and you’ve just about pictured this concept trailer. It’s basically a pop-up trailer turned sideways, popping out instead of up, and expanding to many times its folded size. But it’s not one for the spoiled RV camper. No room for pre-fabbed kitchens, beds and living rooms. You’ll have to haul your cots and hot stoves in your vehicle and park near water. With no room for storage, furniture or appliances, this concept is basically a fancy, hard-shell tent.
  • Mehzler Polygon Concept Caravan: If Fred and Wilma had a modern travel trailer, it would no doubt resemble this concept trailer. It looks a bit like a giant, elongated boulder and features a funky, angular interior.

Which of these concept trailers would you most like to spend a summer in? Post your thoughts on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook fan page.