Consumer Reports Releases its Annual Automotive Report Cards

Which car brand is America's best? Consumer Reports recently rolled out its Annual Automotive Report Cards, listing its top picks based on a 78-point overall score that combines road-test and predicted reliability scores. One surprise this year is Detroit-based Buick, which makes a strong showing in a list that typically is dominated by Japanese brands. In fact, Buick this year has the highest percentage of tested models being Consumer Reports-recommended at 83 percent. Subaru follows closely with 80 percent and by Lexus and Kia, both at 78 percent.

"For years, domestic automakers built lower-priced and lower-quality alternatives to imports, but those days are behind us," Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports director of automotive testing, told reporters. "Today, many domestic models can go toe to toe with the best imports."

Consumer Reports' top picks for the best automotive brands of 2015 (with a highest possible score of 78) are:

  1. Lexus - 78
  2. Mazda - 75
  3. Toyota - 74
  4. Audi - 73
  5. Subaru - 73
  6. Porsche - 70
  7. Buick - 69
  8. Honda - 69
  9. Kia - 68
  10. BMW - 66

See the video below to get the goods on just how Consumer Reports made their choices, then post your thoughts on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan Page.