Carpool Karaoke Has Everyone Singing

Carpool Karaoke Has Everyone Singing

We all listen to music and often sing in our cars. James Corden, host of The Late Late Show, realized that driving is a way of life and something that most of us do on a daily basis. James moved to Los Angeles from the UK to host the show and decided to make his commute a segment on his show. The bit was an instant hit and will soon become its own separate TV show as well as its own series via Apple Music.

Many of the world's most famous singers are eagerly lining up to be part of the segment which features Corden singing along with them, often to their hit songs. This is in-between chatting about interests, hobbies, and life. Sometimes they'll make random shopping stops, like when Corden and Carrie Underwood dropped by a Western apparel store for a cowboy hat and boots.

Some of the most popular guests have included: Britney Spears, Adele, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and First Lady Michelle Obama which also featured Missy Elliot. The episode with the First Lady was particularly interesting as it circled The White House lawn and was constantly followed by The Secret Service.

Movie stars have also made guest appearances, like when George Clooney and Julia Roberts joined Gwen Stefani in singing several No Doubt hits. Entire bands have also hopped in Corden's signature Land Rover, including One Direction and the Red hot Chili Peppers.

The new show will carry on the same format and James Corden will Executive Produce, but not star in the show. Fans are concerned that another host won't be able to fill Corden's shoes as he can vocally keep up with the singers and is extremely easy to talk to, making the series loads of fun. There's no word yet if Corden's segments will live on with The Late Late Show, but fans everywhere are hopeful they will.