Aftermarket HUD Blows Away Luxury Models

Aftermarket HUD Blows Away Luxury Models

San Francisco based technology firm Navdy has recently released a heads-up-display aftermarket product to the automotive industry which has simply blown away all of their competitors. The product had its first chance to shine during a recent demo with CNET. Right away the high-contrast, very bright display stood out against what is currently on the market. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Navdy seamlessly integrates with the driver's smartphone, using it for calls, contacts, music, and communication. The device has its own built-in GPS system which includes an automotive-grade GPS chip and antenna, giving it a more accurate location than a smartphone GPS. The unit also includes an accelerometer which plugs into the car's OBDII port, allowing it to read vehicle speed along with other data.

Safety enhancements are a number one selling factor of Navdy. Using air gestures similar to a game console, the driver can wave left or right to answer or ignore calls. Further, the HUD maps are translucent, allowing the driver to see their course without blocking the road in front of them. These two advancements should definitely go a long way toward keeping drivers save while on the road. Taking this a step further, Navdy also auto-splits the screen for the driver, for example shifting the map to the left when an incoming call alert comes in.

When the product comes to market it will also have expanded voice controls via Siri and Google Assistant, allowing drivers to use voice commands to request music, search for destinations and place calls.

The demo bodes well for the future of the startup which only came onto the scene 2 years ago. Their early example of HUD tech helped them secure a $6.7 million crowd-funding campaign and get their company off the ground. With forward-thinking and a desire to develop the best technology available, expect to see Navdy dominate their market.