5 Tips for Quality Car Maintenance

5 Tips Auto Maintenance

We've written a lot about modifications you can make to your ride to increase its performance. However, most of those tips may not be for the average driver. Well today we bring you 5 important tips to make anyone's driving experience safer and better.

#5. Check Your Brake Fluid - Hopefully no one will argue that stopping is the most critical part of the driving process. Along with quality pads and rotors, having fresh brake fluid will make a world of difference when you need to stop. Regularly check your brake fluid for color and clarity. If it appears dark, cloudy or too thin, chances are it needs to be replaced. The viscosity needs to be right for your system to ensure proper operation of the braking system.

#4. Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly - Surprisingly the majority of the cars on the road these days are driving with poorly inflated tires. Not only is fuel economy greatly impacted, handling will also be rougher, and you'll run a higher risk for getting into an accident.

#3. Use High Quality Oil and Change It Regularly - Your engine's oil is critical to keeping your engine cool and keeping all the parts moving. Skipping an oil change, waiting too long between oil changes, or using low quality oil can cause additional wear on your engine and lead to serious problems over time.

#2. Replace Your Air Filter - Just like you, your engine needs to breathe. ICEs (Internal Combustion Engines) work by taking in air, mixing it with fuel, and igniting it with a spark. This explosion moves the piston down, turning the driveshaft and propelling you forward. If your air filter is old, clogged, or of poor quality, not enough air will get into your engine costing you efficiency and fuel.

#1. Replace Your Old Spark Plugs - There is truly nothing that can enhance your engine's performance more than upgrading your spark plugs. Factory plugs are typically lower quality and not tuned for performance. They often only spark as much as they need to for standard performance, not focusing on quality or getting the most out of your engine. Of course we're partial to the Diamondfire electrodes used in E3 plugs, but that's for a reason. Our plugs are designed for maximum discharge, getting the most out of your fuel, and your engine.