20 Worst States for Car Crashes

Unless you're at the controls of your gaming system playing Grand Theft Auto, getting into a car crash is never fun. But those living in certain states have it worse than others, according to a recent study by Wallet Hub, an online resource for financial and consumer information.

Researchers looked at multiple factors including varying state requirements for minimum personal injury protection, uninsured/underinsured driver and liability insurance coverage, which protects you in the event of a car crash caused by some other knucklehead.

Nationwide, upward of 12.6 percent of drivers lack auto insurance, according to statistics from the Insurance Research Council. That figure represents about one in eight drivers speeding up and down America's roadways every day. State considered riskiest for drivers are those that have lower minimum liability insurance requirements and higher number of uninsured drivers.

Following are the top 20 riskiest states, along with the percentage of uninsured or underinsured drivers.

  1. Florida, 23.8 percent
  2. Oklahoma, 25.9 percent
  3. New Mexico, 21.6 percent
  4. Mississippi, 22.9 percent
  5. California, 14.7 percent
  6. Tennessee, 20.1 percent
  7. Michigan, 21 percent
  8. Alabama, 19.6 percent
  9. Washington, 16.1 percent
  10. Nevada, 12.2 percent
  11. Louisiana, 13.9 percent
  12. Colorado, 16.2 percent
  13. Arizona, 10.6 percent
  14. Rhode Island, 17 percent
  15. Montana, 14.1 percent
  16. Indiana, 14.2 percent
  17. Arkansas, 15.9 percent
  18. Iowa, 9.7 percent
  19. Illinois, 13.3 percent
  20. Ohio, 13.5 percent

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