E3 Spark Plugs Highlights the Players in Pro Mod: Craig Sullivan

 E3 Spark Plugs Highlights the Players in Pro Mod: Craig Sullivan

Nashville, TN, (May 15, 2018)…One of today’s most exciting classes in drag racing has become the Pro Mod series, such as the National Muscle Car Association sponsored by E3 Spark Plugs. Pro Modified  is the only one that allows multiple makes of cars, builders and engines to compete on a level playing field. This combination is now drawing ever increasing throngs of fans to each city that Pro Mod races. The 2018 season is shaping up yet again, as a special one with barely hundredths-of-a-second continually dividing winners and runners up.

One of the competing racers is Craig Sullivan, from Avon, IN. Craig started racing 30 years ago when he was 16 years old. “My Dad ran modified production when I was a kid, and that got me into the sport,” says Sullivan.


Sullivan has been racing top dragster since 2008, and 2018 will be the third year in Pro Mod. The team races their super charged, EFI HEMI in their ‘69 Dodge Daytona Superbird with a Richard Petty barn-find paint scheme. “We started Pro Mod with no experience other than bracket racing and dragsters,” says Sullivan. “We started off with electronic fuel injection, and are still only one of five or six cars in the country running EFI in our class.” Helping push the “Barn-Burner” machine down the track is Mickey Thompson, Renegade Race Fuel, Extreme Brand Products, DMPE Inc, FuelTech, Neal Chance Racing Converters, Santhuff's Shocks and more.


Sullivan recently battled his way into the final at 2018 NMCA Atlanta, and finished as runner up with a 3.85 @ 195 MPH. “We qualified 14th and it was the first time we have gone to the final. It was also the first time we used the E3 spark plugs. We got beat by .032”


In addition, “we’ve won Best Engineered in several races. Most recently, we were on the cover of Fastest Street Car for a feature article based on the HEMI racing engine. Prior to that we were in their PRI edition with nine (9) pages of coverage on the team, what we do, how we do it, where we’ve been.”


Sullivan will participate in the full series of 2018 NMCA races, in the #43 Daytona. He also drives in the Midwest Pro Mod series; a Larry Jeffers Pro Mod school bus. For his dragster series he claims his top times have been 1/8 mile = 3.88 @ 190, and ¼ mile = 6.12 @ 228.


Ask Sullivan his favorite motorsports hero and he’ll tell you without missing a beat, Bob Glidden.


When he is not at the track, Sullivan is working hard running his own Sullivan Equipment, specializing in capital equipment sales to body shops and car dealers. Sullivan also claims, “I’m a Foodie. My wife and I go to many mom-n-pops to eat!”


Craig Sullivan has built a formidable career over the years and he says that they would like to enhance the marketing power with E3. “I think there's a lot at the Sportsman level that we could do with E3, for more shows than many. We’re out there more than the professional teams are and hope it continues.”


Just like Craig Sullivan, E3 appreciates the support from the racers/teams/participants competing in the E3 Spark Plug Pro Mod class of the NMCA and we are excited for the 2018 season. ?Rob Fisher, E3 Director of Motorsports says, “We are very thankful for everyone in the sport and everyone in the stands!”

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